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5 tips to plan your week efficiently with my illustrated weekly planner


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Do you like to plan? For me, planning is something very important and really helps me to achieve my goals. I love my weekly to-do lists, and I like to share some of my personal tips with you:

  • Write down on the eve what you want to do the other day

  • Hold some paper and pen ready near your bed in case ideas suddenly pop up while falling asleep

  • Plan realistic. Write down 1 - 2 things less than you have intended. This helps to finish the tasks and you will be happy in the evening

  • After your day, write or draw down what you did very well and treasure the small steps/achievements

  • If too many ideas are jumping around in your head, write them down on a special ideas list or put them on a little paper in a nice box. You might want to have a look at them at a further moment

You may download my illustrated planner. Have fun and success with your planning!

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